Personal Fabrication

Automated fabrication machines like 3D Printers, Laser cutters, CNC routers and others  can fabricate an object from a digital 3D model or a 2D image. Several Companies already provide access to this technologies to home users, hobbyists and professionals. 

Its now possible to download or make a 3D digital model, materialize it through a Fabricator in some point of the World and receive it on your post box.


Using the resources pointed in this site you will be able to fabricate unique objects, for:

  • offer personalized gifts
  • decoration
  • day by day use
  • special occasions like weddings or christening
  • furniture
  • repairing things when no spare parts are available
  • solve domestic problems that are not solved by traditional industry
  • and much more, 

 The limits are being bent every day.

Putting all together

Personal 3D Fab purpose is to help home users, hobbyists or even professional artisans to explore this technologies taking advantage of online fabrication services and also home fabrication machines. We present a complete guide, from materials to ordering, passing by technologies and tools, giving the hints and resources for fabricating personalized objects from your desktop computer.