Byte-artisan log

Byte artisan is my nick name for signing work that i put online. This site is dedicated to provide technical and marketing support for the work i have done and will do. The first iOS app i made, Void Navigator, is the first product to be supported by this site.




Outdoor Navigator (2015)

At 2015 this site was launched together with the submission of the Outdoor Navigator App for iOS.
Eager to get feedback from Apple and hopefully from users too.

Personal 3D Fab (2014)


At 2015 i and a friend of my dedicated some of our time to create a site intended to help people to enter the world of personal fabrication, using the last and amazing tools and fabrication services available from everywhere. 3D Printing technology is advancing very fast and new ideas and appliances are appearing every day.


Guia Condominio (2009)

This is my oldest work, a site dedicated to HOA management for condominiums. The main role is to provide a simple and comprehensive guidance through administrative tasks, for managing condominiums administrated by Homeowners