Outdoor Navigator - Offline GPS Spot Finder

Use Outdoor Navigator to locate spots at open areas like rural regions, concerts areas, sea or other uncharted areas just by following the 3D Arrow.

Works off-line. Spot coordinates can be entered manually, using a map or even satellite view. 


  • Point to destination Spot, in coordinates.A 3D Arrow will give the direction of your destination as you go;
  •  Floating 3D Arrow. The 3D needle keeps pointing to the spot in the horizontal plan regardless the iPhone orientation, like if it is floating on water;
  • Spot Archive. Save your spots to load later (payed feature);
  • Set destination off-line. Enter coordinates manually;
  • Set destination on-line. Enter coordinates by using a map or a satellite view;
  • Returning point. Use current location as the destination;
  • Track location. Show current coordinates and current address as you go;
  • Search POI and locations near by;
  • Automatic coordinate to address translation;
  • Compass. A small compass always points to the North;
  • Map follows user position and rotates automatically to align with user direction.
  • Share Locations. Post your location or any previous saved location to any sharing services;
    Apple maps links included in shares by e-mail);
  • Read coordinates in text shared from other apps.

Screen shoots

3D fancy arrow points to your destination.

The arrow can floats like if is on the water.

Destination Spot can be entered manually just by tapping the destination.

Keeps track of where you are, showing current GPS coordinates or address if online

Works offline and online.

 The map view show what is in front of you.

It keeps track of your orientation and rotates to keep to align with your perpective.

Here you can also enter your destination spot by just holding the position with your finger.

Works online only.

 Search your spot and set it as your destination using map search.

Works online only.

    Proper for situations where

  • Internet is not accessible;
  • Area is uncharted;
  • Maps are not practical, e.g, finding someone or some place in 1 or 2 blocks distance having the direction and distance is enough;
  • Area is charted but there are no roads or other references like at sea or woods.

Maps can still give you references as you travel so your location and destination are always updated on the map view as long you have internet access.